Seventeen startups from seven different countries participated in this edition.



1click TRIP is a mobile-first app with integrated information from public transportation; mapping, time-tables, real-time location and pricing, allowing itinerary customization per time, multiple destination or cost. It includes data from inter-urban and local providers offering further itinerary flexibility. Users with an account can also book and purchase electronic tickets for traveling with our partners for a hassle free transaction experience even when using a combination of services.



Practio is a P2P learning marketplace that connects people who want to practice or learn something new to nearby people who can teach or practice with them. Lots of people want to learn something new, but it can be hard to find someone to practice with. With Practio people with unique skills and knowledge can make extra money on their free time while meeting interesting new people and sharing their skills with others.


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We at ClaimAir want to ensure travellers know how to deal with air travel inconveniences, and can get what they are rightfully owed. We want to make air travel a stress-free way to discover the world. Moreover, we want to provide travellers with comprehensive solutions, either through our supplementary service, or via our business partners.



At Climber we pride ourselves for democratizing Revenue Management to independent hotels. We believe large luxury hotels should not be the only ones benefiting from intelligent Revenue Management Software to help optimise hotel´s pricing strategy and increase revenue across the board.



Crisalist is an easy way to remember your wonderful memories, plan future trips and make your dreams come true. Crisalist is a travel portal attempting to help you and your friends travel more often, and more efficiently, by focussing upon three essential travel areas: “Your Memories”, “Organise Trips” and “Your Dreams”.



For the first time travellers can now book last minute tours and activities while traveling with Daytrippn. No more waiting 48 hours for an answer, when your trip is over! You can have a different local experience every day, or even twice a day! Our guides have also paired with us to make a sustainable pledge to give back to sustainable tourism each year in Portugal.



Dlast is a mobile app and a last minute channel that helps the event's promoters to sell their last available seats, according to the event demand, and promote their events to the people who don't know what's happening in the city. With Dlast App people can find events and cultural offers by geolocation and buy last minute tickets at lower prices. Dlast push for the best events in town (some free) according to the users' preferences and allows the purchase minutes before the event begins.



GoTo is an APP that helps tourism transports operators by organizing flyer communication for all travellers in the city to choose the best transport solution that fits them. GoTo it’s a new way of communication which will put an end to the paper flyers.



A better way to connect with your guests. Turn guest communication into revenue and positive reviews. Offer room upgrades, make targeted offers and drive positive reviews online with a single solution.



Let you hold your loved one's hand over the Internet. We built the hardware and the (mobile) software to simulate hand holding between two humans, with an affordable, design, wireless, silent, mobile and portable device.



PartyWith is an app (iOS & Android) that connects people for nightlife with a growing global community of nightlife enthusiasts in over 150 countries. Whether it’s to grab a drink, meet new people at festivals, or get nightlife tips, you can find like-minded friends through the app.



On SeaBookings you can discover, compare & book the best boat tours and water sports.



Spindler helps people take on new experiences by making them confront themselves with their own off-routine life goals, giving them the tools to prioritize and plan for execution.



Tour Via Me  is a marketplace for escorted tours. We aggregate, sort and categorize all relevant tour information and display it to you in an understandable and visually refreshing way. We are making tour research fun and easy, just the way it should be in the 21st century.



Tripaya is the first smart travel search service that understands what you want and show only the very best options for your holidays or weekend getaway. When you have the world at your fingertips, deciding where to travel can often be quite overwhelming. Finding a good deal is hard when you're sifting through hundreds different offers. We believe there’s a smarter way.



archPaths promotes the cities’ best architectonic manifestations, while making architecture tourism more accessible, supported and better informed through a mobile application. archPaths addresses the lack of a condensed, thorough and widely informative architecture city guide that, on top of this, can still help the users (mainly architects, architecture students, urbanists or other cityscape enthusiasts) to plan their tour and guide them around the city, while giving them live, insightful information about the most significant buildings found.




In UBEOS we are helping travellers to connect with travel agencies, in a more effective way! Travelers tell what they want and need, and travel agents fight for them, auction style. We automatically negotiate with all the agencies for the user! This gives the traveller better price/quality relation proposals, without effort and hassle of hours searching at the same time that provide travel agencies the access to potential customers, with a higher conversion rate than traditional advertising or pay-per-click models.