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Twenty one startups from twelve different countries participated in this edition.

WINNER: Consulta do Viajante



Bookndo is a one-stop shop to discover and book amazing activities easily. No booking fees. Our mission is to promote a fun, active and sustainable lifestyle. To enrich people’s lives with more physical activities, new adventures and experiences.




Consulta do Viajante is an online travel health clinic and Portugal's first fully internet-based medical clinic. During the online consultation, a trained physician assesses travel related health risks and provides tailored advice in preventive measures to follow before, during and after the trip.



The idea is to develop an online platform which allows to search, compare and book adventure activities in a simple and easy way. The platform will provide essential information (conditions, price and reviews) not only about adventure activities but also companies, in a standard way, to help the customers to compare the offer of different companies and choose the best one.



EzyCities is an online market where you can find amazing experiences created by your neighbours based on their hobbies. You can also create your own experience and start profiting from your hobbies. Whether is a jam session at your place or a cocktail "workshop"​at a beautiful park in your city, the goal is that everybody spends a good time together!




FLYKT is a travel technology company focused in Inspirational and Personalisation. We replace "From - To"​ with "From - To Do"​ We allow any travel company to go up in the booking funnel, and not only inspire their customers but also to get to know them better, therefore personalising their ancillary offers and optimising their online marketing campaigns.



Guy the Guide is a mobile app focusing on the hidden stories and local places of a city so you don't feel like a typical tourist. Guy is this (a bit eccentric) guy who went through the ages, travelled the world, and has some things to tell you so that his stories become your experiences. Unless other city guides in the app market, we put a strong focus on the content (short, funny and authentic, unlike Wikipedia based content) and the design (offbeat style).




A reversed hotel booking platform where travellers are empowered to post their accommodation request by deciding on the price, location and amenities and hotels answer by offering their last minute empty rooms through private one time deals.



We provide a one-click to go platform to optimize museum-booking process from ticket purchasing, quick entry passing, to mobile tour guiding. We specialize in proximity technology and virtual reality to enrich tourist experience during the trip.



Lisbon's Action Sports Centre is an Indoor Action Sports Centre Facility, with Skateboarding, BMX and In-Line Skating Schools to learn the Art of these Sports. We invest in Youth Training! This will be the 1st Ever Indoor Park in Portugal with conditions to do Big Action Sports Events, Championships and make Portugal the route to some of the most awarding, mainstream and defying Events in the worldwide Actions Sports Industry partnering with the best companies. 




A platform that helps tourists to bypass the inconvenience of the unknown through the rental of local friends to join them during their stay: enjoy a true and authentic local experience!



Our Locool app will put tourists in contact with local friends to help them maximize their visit: enjoy a true local experience while avoiding stumbling on touristic traps!




myLike revolutionizes with its Mobile Concierge and Digital Travel Guide how the hospitality and travel industry can provide their customers unique experiences along their whole journey through personalized insider tips for locations, tours and events - directly on their personal smart phone or other systems.



Our concept is to create a new tourist attraction in one of the hearts of Lisbon, near the river Tejo, in the "Expo". Here, we plan to execute a ski cable park as we call it. The idea is a park where anyone, from teenagers to sportsmen and adults, can enjoy the adventure and pleasure of water skiing. Being pulled by cables, one does not need to have the knowledge and practice of skiing in order to feel the rush and adrenaline of the sport itself. Our intent is to create something new and innovative in this beautiful capital.




Triptailor is a smart travel assistant that uses machine learning to give personalized travel recommendations for young travellers. We want to create a huge recommender system for travel - for accommodation, for food, for nightlife, for tours, etc. We will do this by gathering as much travel data as possible from the web, giving it structure and running Machine Learning algorithms over it, plus the data we will collect from our users.




TripWix is a luxury travel brand catering to the discerning traveller. We offer a curated portfolio of personally inspected and hosted homes in hand-picked locations throughout the world.




Uppening is the fastest way to create connections between people interested in doing same activities together, at the same time and at the same place.



VR-Explore aims to help their users to discover and learn about points of interest in a given city through virtual reality technology, allowing them to get information about those and to immediately purchase the tickets (comes with map/directions to the place).




Windy is intuitive, fast, efficient and the most precise forecast app available for your computer, mobile phone or tablet.



WorkNTravel brings together a community of digital nomads from around the world to travel and work while building lasting relationships. Being the first ever company of its kind in Europe, we package travel between destinations and arrange accommodations for travellers while keeping them motivated to work. We create a social environment by building a community of like-minded travellers and engaging them in activities and tours around different cities.



Autentikos is a marketplace where people can find the best experiences offered by local citizens and the most original companies.




Pocket guide with map, train and subway lines, top sights, tours and all vouchers to be delivered to our partners to take advantage of discounts up to 60%. Website where you can plan your route, make reservations in partners, visit blog and calculate discounts on our online calculator. Free mobile App, available for iOS and Android, with all partners in the various categories, GPS system indicating where each one is.

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