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Privacy Policy according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)



This Privacy Policy applies to all data collected by FABSTART - Fábrica de Startups, S.A. (Fábrica), headquartered at Rua Alexandre Herculano, nº 23 - 2º, in Lisbon and office at Avenida Marginal, Edifício Parque Oceano, 3ºG, in Oeiras, in the scope of its activity, through the programs it develops, website (, social media, newsletters or personal contacts, voluntarily supplied to any collaborator or Administrator of the Fábrica.


The references to "data" in this Privacy Policy refer to any data submitted by the user in our services, whether they are responses to questionnaires, data collected on a form or data entered on a site developed or generated by the Fábrica, which are data of its property. References to personal information or just information will mean information about you collected by us or of which we are protective.

Fábrica will be responsible for the collection and storage of data, from now on also called as Manager.



According to the regulation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Fábrica recognizes the user's right to privacy, as well as:

All data shared with Fábrica were voluntary and are personal information, which the user accepts to be used by Fábrica and gives its consent to process them;

The personal information that the user shared or will share with Fábrica will only be used after obtaining the acceptance by the user of this privacy policy, and cannot be used in anyway in transgression of the law;

The Manager doesn’t require you to share sensitive personal information as defined in the GDPR;

The information provided will be used by the Manager only for purposes related to his business (programs or events that he organizes);

After finishing the purpose of using his personal information, the information is archived during the period of time foreseen by the laws which govern the sphere of the services provided by the Manager and in accordance with what was stipulated in the item 7 of this policy;

The personal information collected by the Manager is intended to be used in the programs or events organized by Fábrica.

Each user voluntarily shares personal information and has the right to inspect, update, repair, block or request that it be deleted, in accordance with point 8 of this policy;

The user has the right and the duty to notify the National Data Protection Commission, using the available means (, whenever it considers that there has been a violation of privacy by Fábrica.



The data provided by the users is processed by the operational employees of Fábrica, only for the purpose stated in this privacy policy.

Third parties, customers or partners of Fábrica may also have access to data, provided that they comply with the RGPD and that it is within the scope of the commercial operations of Fábrica.




The data provided by the users are stored in third-party databases, which comply with the RGPD, namely:

MailChimp (database management);

Google (third-party database);

Facebook (third-party database);

LinkedIn (third-party database);

Instagram (third-party database);

Twitter (third-party database);

Hubspot (third-party database);

Cognito (third-party database);

F6S (third-party database);

Dropbox (third-party database);

Typeforms (third-party database);

Google Forms (third-party database);

Survey Monkey (third-party database).


Whenever any of the databases described above is added or removed, Fábrica will update this policy.



For marketing purposes, Fábrica stores the following information:

Full name


Phone number


For our services (programs or events) we can request and save the following information:

Full name


Phone number


Tax identification number


The following information can also be obtained:

Company Name

Company Address

IBAN (for refund cases)



The data provided by users is used to:

Send business proposals;

Send information about Fábrica's programs and events, such as location, date, among others;

Send direct invitations for participation in programs or events that Fábrica is and will organize.


The user gives consent to the Manager to use the data provided to keep him up-to-date on Fábrica's business and / or operational objectives.

The Manager agrees not to transmit or lend the user's data if the user hasn’t accepted this privacy policy.

The Manager may not sell user data without individual written consent.

For commercial or operational purposes, the manager only sends emails to users who have accepted this privacy policy.



All data will be stored during the years prescribed in the law that governs the operations in which Fábrica services fit.

In the case of the internal Newsletter, this data will be kept forever or until the data holder requests to stop being subscribed.

When the holder of the data requests to unsubscribe, Fábrica has a period of one week to delete the data from all databases that the holder requests and inform him of such deletion.

All third-party databases have their periods of information storage, and it is up to the user to verify this information in the privacy policies of each of those third parties.

By accepting this privacy policy, the user agrees that he was aware of the above and that he is responsible for obtaining information about the storage periods of third parties.



All data that you share with the Manager can always be deleted from the databases, using the following procedures:

Newsletters: clicking in the "Unsubscribe" button that is in the email;

Others: sending an email to asking Fábrica to delete them.


You can always contact the Fábrica operations department to remove the information by sending an email to our official address ( with the following request: "Please delete and remove all personal information attached to my email address".



When you use our website (, you aren’t connected to any online service, you do the research anonymously. In this survey, no personal information is collected. However, the website tracks how anonymous or registered users navigate in the website. One of the methods used is called "Cookie". Cookies are identifiers that are written on your hard drive and are used to recognize you on your next visit, without having to sign up. Cookies cannot retrieve any information from your disk, download computer virus or other personal information.

The website uses the following cookies providers:

Google Analytics (Third Party Cookies);

Facebook Pixel (Third Party Cookies);

Google AdWords (Third Party Cookies);

LinkedIn (Third Party Cookies).



The Manager is aware of the importance of security and therefore seeks to protect the personal information of the user. Unauthorized access, use or disclosure is prevented by many security technologies and processes. Personal information that you enter on the website is stored on a computer system with limited access at controlled locations.

Whenever the Manager detects any case of data breach, it will act in accordance with the RGPD, and may even have to report such cases to the National Data Protection Commission and in case of high risk to the user, notify the same.


The websites that the user may connect through links on Fábrica website may include privacy policies different from ours. To protect user's privacy, we encourage you to review the privacy policies on the websites that you can access through our site.

Fábrica only provides third-party links that comply with the RGPD.




FABSTART – Fábrica de Startups, S.A.


Avenida Marginal, Edifício Parque Oceano, 3ºG, 2780-337 Oeiras


+ 351 933 500 001


This privacy policy is in effect from the moment it is posted on the website.

Last updated: May 2018

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