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The Program

Discoveries is an intensive four-week acceleration program that will turn fresh ideas into successful businesses, through a set of bootcamps where the participants will define, validate and develop the model under the lean startup methodology. 

We expect aspiring entrepreneurs with a tech startup related to the travel & tourism industries for the 6th edition of this successful acceleration program.

Join for free and we provide a scholarship to cover expenses.

How Does it Work?

We will tell you where to go and how to get there, just like a GPS, guiding you towards your product-market-fit. We want you to get a business rolling with paying customers!

Bootcamp #01
Business Model Canvas  |  2nd February
Bootcamp #02
Customer Segment  |  5th February
Bootcamp #03
Value Proposition  |  9th February
Bootcamp #04
Channels & Relationship with Clients  |  12th February
Bootcamp #05
Revenue Streams  |  16th February
Bootcamp #06
Key Activities, Resources and Partners  |  19th February
Bootcamp #07
Cost Structure  |  23th February
Bootcamp #08
How to Pitch  |  26th February
Final Pitch  |  3rd March

By participating in Discoveries you get access to the STARTUP BOX by Fábrica de Startups. Our methodology is based on the concepts of design thinking, lean startup and customer development, and is fully documented with its tools available in a physical and digital format. We make it easy for you: we provide the tools, you just need to fill them in.

Why Portugal?

We are calling all startups in the travel and tourism sector to join one of the fastest entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe: Portugal. Besides being ranked as the World’s Leading Destination and Europe’s Leading Destination in 2019, Portugal has been recognized as the new European hub for startups from all over the world.

Discoveries invites all startups (in the idea, prototype or launch stages) related with one of the strategic areas of Tourism for 2021, to overcome the impact of COVID-19:

  • big data and metrics

  • productivity

  • cities

  • mobility

  • community

  • hospitality

  • entertainment

  • e-commerce

  • crowdsourcing

  • software as a service

  • marketplaces

  • augmented reality

What Else?

This is the 6th edition of Discoveries and we continue to push ourselves to meet your expectations in order to create successful businesses. Therefore, we have some extra perks for you:


António Lucena Faria

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

André Marquet

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Afonso Rebelo 

de Sousa

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

José Arthur Vasconcelos

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

José Damião

Business Design, Startups & Innovation

Susana Gama

Intellectual Property: Brands & Design

João Perre Viana

Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Business

Paulo Mesquita

Marketing, Sales & ROI

Miguel Barbosa

Investment & Innovation

Miguel Barbosa

Investment & Innovation

Miguel Barbosa

Investment & Innovation

Katia Menezes

Persuasive Communication & Pitching

Katia Menezes

Persuasive Communication & Pitching

Luis Costa

Innovation in Tourism

Luis Costa

Innovation in Tourism

Mário Tarouca

FoodTech, Business Model, Sales & Marketing

Paulo Rodrigues

Internationalization & International Tax

Rui Costa

Tourism, Strategy, Territorial Development

José Lopes Costa

Innovation, Strategy & Marketing

João Vilas Boas

Lean Startup, Pitching & Investors Relations

Jonathan Hassid

Entrepreneurship & Digital Strategy

Miguel Ribeiro

Marketing, Digital Business

& Internationalization

Luís Geraldes

Investment Rounds

Daylon Soh

Marketing, Digital Product Design & Management

Clara Braga da Costa

Business Strategy & Investment

Lisa Azevedo

Marketing, Sales & Operations

Graduated Startups

After 6 editions of Discoveries, we have a track record of successful startups that accelerated their business with us. Check them out:

Who We Are

Fábrica de Startups helps companies to develop new ideas and innovative solutions and identify new investment opportunities, so that they can grow and increase their competitiveness. How we do that? Through programs designed to support the process of creation, validation and internationalization of startups. These programs follow an innovative methodology, which ensures the identification of business ideas and the translation of the idea into a business model. This methodology facilitates the validation of all the components of the model and reduces the risks associated with launching a new business. We are trusted by more than 50 companies and 3000 entrepreneurs during our 8 years of activity.


Integrated in the Ministry of Economy, Turismo de Portugal is the National Tourism Authority responsible for the promotion, valuation and sustainability of tourism activity, adding in a single entity all the institutional competencies related to the promotion of tourism, from supply to demand. With a privileged relationship with other public entities and economic agents in Portugal and abroad, Turismo de Portugal is committed to fulfilling the goal of strengthening tourism as one of the pillars of the growth of the Portuguese economy.


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