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Acceleration Program

for tourism startups.

Join our acceleration program designed to help you scale your Tourism startup. Connect with our Investor Network and learn from the best in the industry.

We are looking for startups with technological solutions that address these strategic challenges:


Digital Solutions for SMEs

Empower small businesses with Digital Solutions for SMEs.


Sustainable Tourism

Foster sustainable and responsible travel through Sustainable Tourism.


Valorization of Local Heritage

Enhance and promote Local Heritage for cultural preservation.


Data Management

Drive strategic decisions with effective Data Management.


Improve Tourist Experience

Elevate tourist satisfaction by improving the Tourist Experience.


Seasonality and Territorial Dispersion

Confront Seasonal & Regional Variations for balanced growth

If your startup aligns with these challenges

Discoveries is a 4 week international acceleration program based in Portugal, crafted to empower high-potential Startups while promoting innovative tourism ventures on a global scale. Through bootcamps, workshops and mentorship we drive market integration and investment attraction. 

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Why should you join?

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Investor Network Access

Engage with Investors, participate on the Investors Day and gain visibility within the investor community.

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Expenses Support

Receive financial support for expenses during your time in Portugal

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Specialized Mentoring

Experience one-on-one guidance from specialized professionals, including national and international mentors.

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Growth Bootcamps

Elevate your startup's skills in growth, marketing, and sales.

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Networking Opportunities

Participate in community events and foster synergies among participants.

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Valuable Perks

Access a range of benefits that support business validation and growth. 

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Guided Work Hours

The FabStart team is on hand to clarify and review topics as needed.

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Expert Advisory Board

Receive feedback from industry experts from leading entities.

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Inspiring FabTalks

Learn from inspirational speakers, case studies, and best practices. Focused on supporting your startup's diverse stages and fostering experience-sharing among teams and founders.


Join us in exploring the extraordinary journey we've designed, where the synergy of technology and sustainability reshapes the tourism landscape.

24 Ago

Applications Open

8 Oct

Applications Closed

20 Oct

Results Announced

27 Oct - 30 Nov


6 Dec

Final Pitch

Ready to join our Acceleration program?

Submit your application.


Who are we looking for...

We're seeking enthusiastic teams with a prototype or in the launch stage, who share our commitment to sustainable values.

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Discoveries invites all startups (prototype or launch stages) related with one of the strategic areas.

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Fulltime team, with at least one of the co-founders working full time.

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Committed to participate in all remote and in-person moments of the program at least 2 (two) team members.

Discoveries' successful startups

After 6 editions of Discoveries, we have a track record of successful startups that accelerated their business with us. Check them out:

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Specialist Mentors in our acceleration program are experts in their respective fields, providing tailored guidance and support to help entrepreneurs and startups succeed. With diverse expertise, they accelerate your journey to success.


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Fábrica de Startups helps companies to develop new ideas and innovative solutions and identify new investment opportunities, so that they can grow and increase their competitiveness. How we do that? Through programs designed to support the process of creation, validation and internationalization of startups. These programs follow an innovative methodology, which ensures the identification of business ideas and the translation of the idea into a business model. This methodology facilitates the validation of all the components of the model and reduces the risks associated with launching a new business. We are trusted by more than 50 companies and 4000 entrepreneurs during our 12 years of activity.

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Operating under the auspices of the Ministry of the Economy and Maritime Affairs​​, Turismo de Portugal is Portugal’s National Tourism Authority. Responsible for the promotion, enhancement and sustainability of the tourism business, it brings together all of the institutional competences involved in making tourism more dynamic, from supply to demand.

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