Fifteen startups from ten countries participated in this edition.

WINNER: TourScanner



Cycligo is the platform where cyclists can easily find cycling events and meet like-minded buddies worldwide. Further, it is a cycling events management, registration and marketing software for cycling event organisers.



GuideBot is a chatbot platform for destinations and travel brands. For travelers, GuideBot is a tour guide who is always available. For destinations, etc., the chatbot platform, tied into Facebook Messenger, is a much more efficient and effective way of communicating with their visitors than, for instance, designing their own mobile app.



iConn helps Travel and Tourism distributors solve the one-size-fits-all offering problem by providing real-time, context-aware, one-to-one personalised content recommendations that helps people find what they love across their website and mobile apps. That is better than any other existing solutions because it enables companies with A.I. and ML technology - in just 10 min - without the need for them to build it from scratch.



Lisbon Tiles helps tourists and locals to solve the lack historical informations and interest sightseeings of the nearby tiles by providing the information in real-time and location based using a mobile app that is better than books and google searches because it’s more handy and provides an easier and trustful way to get informations and other details based in their location.



Nimest Tech is the world first startup that aims to bring technology and innovation to touristic experience. We want to make tourists experiences to be the most memorable possible, bringing fun, information and entertainment.



WhatsAround helps travellers during the research for non-tourists points of interest by providing local based information on museums, concerts, restaurants, bars, etc.., and how to reach them, that is better than renter advice or search on the various internet providers because it’s an easy all-in-one solution with reliable information as they are selected by those who really live a location.



TourScanner is the first meta-search engine for travel activity. It aggregates thousands of activities from several partners suggesting the best price.



Voyagezy matches you with travel bloggers who are the best fit to design your trip itinerary according to your budget and interests, making your trip a unique and unforgettable experience.



Think Light helps corporations / companies / municipalities solving lack of brand awareness associated to innovation and sustainability by positioning them in public space in contact with public and visitors that it better than the brand / city being associated to outdated, innovative, or not having innovative presence because helps brands / cities increase sales by reaching out to new customers.



Surf4community helps surfers solve finding a place to surf and to stay by providing accommodation and local interactions with local community and that is better than find a Surfcamp because they can make an impact in the local community.




Silicon Bali helps freelancers, millennials and nomads to solve the issue of funding their travels by providing a travel platform where they can browse for work opportunities worldwide that is better than crowdfunding sites, skills battering platforms, freelancer networks or volunteering networks because it is a sustainable funding engine.



PetDule helps PetLovers solve the difficulty that they always have when are looking for quality service providers available at the desired time by providing a Marketplace where people could search and find the best providers, it’s better than other competitors because we can find all services that our friend needs in the same place and schedule them on an on-demand basis.