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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Discoveries have to offer me?
    Discoveries offers you 8 bootcamps that will follow the unique FastStart methodology from Fábrica de Startups, access to the Fábrica de Startups community, a network of mentors, startups and investors, prizes and perks and the guaranty of our support to help, advice and encoure you to grow. You’ll have a lot of fun growing and hacking your business with us!
  • What are the benefits of participating in Discoveries?
    Discoveries is an acceleration program that will bring intense training and growth to your business in just a month. You will be in touch with the most important tourism entity: Turismo de Portugal, as well as have access to mentors and investors. Besides being a great way to develop your business, meeting new people from the tourism area and integrating yourself into an exciting, growing ecosystem.
  • Does the business idea have to be in the Tourism Industry?
    We are looking for projects mainly in the following fields: productivity, cities, mobility, community, hospitality, entertainment, ecommerce, big data, crowdsourcing, software as a service, market places, and augmented reality. However, if the idea is applicable to the Tourism Industry and integrates sustainability, it will bring exceptional value to your application. Example: a big data project that could serve the Hotel industry while advancing sustainability efforts.
  • How many members of the team can participate? Can I apply individually?
    Discoveries does not have a maximum limitation of participants per team, but there is a minimum of 2 people per team. Additionally, we strongly recommend that at least one of the participants attending is a founder.
  • Are there any application restrictions?
    We have very few restrictions: no legal persons or trademarks can apply and you must apply as a team.
  • Can I participate in part-time?
    Discoveries will be a very intense acceleration program that requires full-time commitment. We recommend participants attend in person all bootcamp sessions, and get ready to tackle a lot of homework.
  • Where can I apply?
    You can apply through our website, where you can also find further information on the program.
  • Does my company have to be incorporated?
    No, your company does not need to be incorporated yet.
  • What is the program calendar?
    Applications Open - August 29th, 2023 Applications Closed - October 8th, 2023 Results Announcement - October 20th, 2023 Bootcamps - October 27th to November 30th, 2023 Investors Day - November 6th, 2023
  • When will I know if my Startup has been accepted into Discoveries?
    The evaluation and selection process will happen as applications are submitted. After analysis of a team’s application, the best applicants will be selected for an online interview via Zoom. All selected teams will be notified until October 20th.
  • What is the cost of the program?
    The program is free (entirely supported by the program promoter - Turismo de Portugal).
  • Do you take equity from the startups?
  • Can you tell me more about what I can expect from the day-to-day at Discoveries?
    Bootcamps: workshops made by Fábrica de Startups and guest speakers, about the work to be developed in the subsequent week, following Fábrica de Startups’ Lessons Learned: presentations made by the teams on their business model validations and adaptation reports of the work that have been carried out during the previous bootcamps. Mentorship: mentorship session, where teams are accompanied by experienced mentors that will periodically meet with the team during the four weeks Guest Speakers & Specific Training: experts that join the session to give insights on specific topics.
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